About Us

Neilson Boutique was born in 2005 from a love of fashion and lifestyle. Neilson was created by three sisters who each had strong backgrounds in the industry, Working in London for brands such as Chanel, Gucci, Joseph and Browns. 

At Neilson we have always been passionate about making our customers look, and more importantly, feel amazing. Being 'on trend' isn't a necessity, but being confident in the clothes you have on is a feeling that we believe everyone should experience.

Strongly motivated by sustainability and supporting independent brands, We at Neilson have worked hard to build up strong relationships with our labels. 

Whilst Neilson Store is constantly evolving over time, We will always maintain the ethos of our business. Each year we aim to push a little harder to bring you, our loyal and valued customer, beautiful slow fashion pieces. 

2020 - The year Neilson Store goes online and the year a new partner joined the team - Daughter and Niece of the three sisters and the new creative online director of Neilson Etoile, Florence T.